Meir Feinstein / Moshe Barazani

But Gruner, Drezner Alkoshi and Kashani were transferred to Acre before preparations could be completed for shattering the pillars of the gallows. In the Jerusalem condemned cell there remained one-armed Meir Feinstein of the Irgun and Moshe Barazani of the F.F.I. they determined, as they wrote in their last moments, to avenge the blood of their four comrades. They now no longer feared for their lives, but were afraid that their execution might come too soon. This sacred fear found express in the last three notes which Feinstein wrote with his one hand in the name of both of them:

"Comrades, Shalom,

You have not done well in not sending it to us. Who knows whether by morning it will not be too late? Please do not let the time pass. Send it to us without delay... We are determined. Greetings to all, Be strong. We too."

"Shalom, dear comrades: We have received the newspapers, everything is clear to us. And we are glad of this last opportunity to share in avenging our four comrades. As for us, we are sure our organizations will avenge us adequately and in the right way. But it may be that they will surprise us by moving us to Acre. Ask them outside therefore to prepare us something similar in Acre, so that we can be certain that we are doing it. We are strong. M. Feinstein. M. Barazani."

"Comrades, Shalom: Accept our last greeting and do not lose heart at our paying with our lives. But we shall avenge the blood of our four comrades, and no power on earth will move us from our purpose. My brothers, carry the banner of revolt with honour and carry on until we redeem and are redeemed. We march to death proudly. M.F. M.B."

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