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Aharoni, Jacob ("Sicka") (1920-), member of Irgun, blew shofar in 1938, on sabotage mission with Irgun Commander David Raziel in Iraq in 1941.

Aharoni, Zvi (1927-1945), member of Brit Hashmonaim, Lehi; killed in attack on CID Headquarters in Jerusalem.

Ahimeir, Abba (1897-1962), journalist, teacher, founder of Brit Habirionim, imprisoned for incitement to rebellion, assisted Irgun.

Alkabetz, Aharon (d. 1937), member of Betar killed escorting Jewish worshippers from the Western wall after Sabbath prayers.

Alkoshi, Mordechai (1925-1947), member of Irgun, hanged by British.

Allenby, Gen Sir Edmund, British officer who defeated the Turks in the Palestinian campaign of 1917-18, captured Jerusalem in Dec 1917, and won a decisive victory at Megiddo, Sep 1918.

Altman, Yehezkel, member of Betar in Rumania, joined Irgun, in 1937 the first Irgunist sentenced to death, but released from prison in1944.

Amper, Abraham (1916-1942), member of Betar and Irgun in Poland, Lehi in Eretz Israel; murdered by British.

Applebaum, Haim ("Elimelech") (1925-1947), member of Lehi, deputy commander of attack on Rail Works, killed in breakout from Acre Prsion.

Arnon, Uzi (1923-), member of Irgun, injured in Irgun explosion in 1939.

Avni, Joseph ("Abu Jilda") (1924-?), member of Betar, member of Irgun from 1942, participated in attack on CID headquarters in Jerusalem.

Azar, Shmuel,, Egyptian Jew, hanged by Egypt as Israeli agent.

Azulai, Daniel (1927-?), member of Irgun


Barazani, Moshe (1926-1947), member of Lehi, sentenced to death, blew self up with Meir Feinstein before British could hang them.

Bar-Giora, Moshe (1920-1945), member of Irgun in Poland, illegal immigrant to Eretz Israel, joined Lehi, escaped from prison in 1943, killed in attack on oil refineries.

Barmatz, Shimon (1921-), member of Brit Hashmonaim (1937), Irgun (1938), Lehi (1943)..

Bayevksy, Arye (1889-1942), Russian naval officer, member of Nationalist Hagana

Becker Israeli Joshua (1921-), member of Lehi from 1940, sentenced to death in 1942 but reprieved, escaped from Acco Prison in 1947.

Begin, Menahem (1913-1992), member of Betar in Poland, Commander in Chief of Irgun 1944-1948, member of Knesset, prime minister 1977-1983.

Belkind, Naaman (1889-1917), member of Nili, hanged by Turks.

Ben Horin, Eliahu (1902-1964), high-ranking member of Jabotinsky's movement, member of Irgun 1931-1936.

Ben Yosef, Shlomo (1913-1938), member of Betar and Irgun, first Jew hanged by the British in struggle for Jewish state.

Bensenberg, Azriel (1913-), member of Irgun.

Ben-Zvi, Itzhak (1884-1963), Labor movement leader in Eretz Israel, president of the National Council, second president of Israel.

Berkowitz, Shaul (1913-?), member of Betar, later of Irgun.

Berman, Dov ("Uzi the Red") (1927-1948), member of Lehi from 1944, killed in Jerusalem during War of Independence.

Bet-Hamikdash, Danny., See Shohami, Danny

Bet-Zuri, Eliahu (1922-1945), member of Irgun in 1937, joined Lehi in 1942, assassinated Lord Moyne in 1944, hanged.

Binzamin, Asher ("Avshalom") (1922-1944), member of Irgun, killed in attack on CID headquarters in Jerusalem.

Bitker, Robert (1907-1946), White Russian Army colonel, C.O. of Chinese Betar, Commander in Chief of Irgun in 1937.

Brit Habirionim, Irgun, in 1934, imprisoned for bank robbery in 1938, later joined Lehi.

Broshi, Yaacov,, member of Brit Habirionim

Buchko, Haim (1911-1975), member of Betar, aliya in 1930, member of Brit Habirionim, Irgun in 1934, imprisoned for bank robbery in 1938, later joined Lehi.

Buchwald, Oscar, member of Irgun.


Cohen, Geula (1925-), member of Lehi from 1943, was Lehi's radio announcer, sentenced in 1946 to nine years in prison, escaped in 1947.

Cohen, Joshua (1922-1986), At 14, enlisted in Nationalist Hagana; at 15, in the Irgun; at 17, in Lehi; kept Lehi alive after Avraham Stern's murder; exiled to Africa in 1944.

Cohen, Nissim (1908-1989), member of Betar from 1927, the Nationalist Hagana, and the Irgun; imprisoned in Jerusalem, Mizra, Acco, Latrun and Africa.

Cohen, Shaar Yashuv,, member of Brit hashmonaim, later Chief Rabbi of Haifa.

Corfu, Haim (1922-), member of Betar in1936 and the Irgun from 1937, exiled to Africa; later Israeli cabinet minister.


Dresner, Yehiel Dov (1922-1947), member of Irgun, arrested for carrying whip, hanged by British.

Druker, Shabtai("Zion") (1922-1944), member of Irgun, then Lehi; died in shootout with British.

Dukler, Joseph (1905-1941), member of Betar, Irgun.

Duvdevani, Baruch,, member of Brit Hashmonaim, later directed aliya for Jewish Agency.

Dviri, Haim (1907-), member of Nationalist Hagana, Brit Habirionim, Irgun, Lehi; defended Tel Aviv in 1929, imprisoned repeatedly in 1930s and 1940s, exiled to and incarcerated in Africa in 1940s.


Ehrlich, Avner (1913-2003), member of Hagana (1929-1933) then Irgun , then Lehi.

Eldad, Israel (1910-1996), member of Betar in Poland, challenged Jabotinsky in 1938, escaped from Poland with Menahem Begin, joined Lehi in Eretz Israel, became one of three Lehi leaders and Lehi's ideologue.

Eliav, Yaacov ("Yoshke") (1917-1985), member of Irgun, later Lehi, demolitions expert, escaped from prison.

Epstein, Israel (1914-1946), Betar commander in Vilna, member of Irgun in Eretz Israel, killed on mission in Rome.

Ezra, Eliahu (1925-1946), member of Irgun, blew shofar in 1940s at Western Wall, exiled and murdered in Africa.


Feinstein, Meir (1927-1947), member of Irgun, injured in Jerusalem railroad attack, sentenced to death, blew self up with Moshe Barazani before British could hang them.

Friedman-Yellin, Nathan, See Yellin-Mor, Nathan

Fuld, Bracha (1927-1946), member of Hagana, murdered by British.


Gabai, Zion, member of Brit Habirionim.

Ginsberg, Eliahu, member of Hagana, imprisoned for defending Jerusalem in 1920 with Jabotinsky.

Goldman, Max, member of Irgun's "Very Few" sharpshooters.

Goronchick (Goron) Shlomo (1917-1994), member of Hagana in 1936, Lehi in 1940s; later Chief Rabbi of Israel.

Gottesman, Yeshayahu (1912-), member of Betar, joined Irgun, blew shofar at Western Wall in 1939, served in British Army.

Granek, Dov ("Hablondini") (1923-1948), member of Betar and Irgun in Poland, volunteered for Polish army in 1939, taken POW and escaped, aliya in 1941, became one of Lehi's most famous fighters, commanding officer of Eldad's escape, killed in 1948 as captain in Israeli army.

Greenberg, Aliza ("Tur-Malka") (1926-), member of Lehi, married poet Uri Zvi Greenberg in 1950.

Greenberg, Uri Zvi (1896-1981), "the poet of the redemption," in 1921 predicted the Holocaust, in 1930s and 1940s inspired youths to join Hagana, Irgun and Lehi, founder of Brith Habirionim.

Gruner, Dov (1912-1947), member of Irgun, served in British Army, injured in raid on Ramat Gan police station, hanged by the British after refusing to ask for clemency.

Gurion, Itzhak (1895-?), member of Irgun, imprisoned in 1931, 1939, 1944, 1946, and 1947; later an author.


Hagalili, Shaul (1918-1946), member of Betar, Irgun, and Lehi, escaped from Latrun Detention Camp by tunnel, exiled and murdered in Africa.

Hakim, Eliahu (1925-1945), joined Irgun at 15, Lehi soon after; in 1942 enlisted in British army; in 1944 went Underground as member of Lehi; assassinated Lord Moyne in 1944; hanged by British.

Halevi, Esther (1921-), member of Batar and Irgun.

Halevi, Shmuel (1909-1981), second member of Betar in Eretz Israel, carried flag in 1929 march to Western Wall, member of Irgun, Lehi.

Halperin, Yirmiyahu ("Irma") (1901-?), aide to Jabotinsky during founding of Hagana, defended Tel Aviv in 1929, directed Betar in Paris in 1930s, later led Betar's naval academy.

Haviv, Avshalom (1926-1947), member of Irgun, captured during Acre Prison escape, hanged by the British.

Heichman, Aharon ("Dov") (1911-), member of Betar in 1927, led partisan reprisal attacks on Arabs in 1930s, member of Irgun High Command.

Homsky, Ben Zion (1896-?), member of Hagana, imprisoned for defending Jerusalem with Jabotinsky in 1920.

Horn, Penina,, member of Brit Habirionim, participated in removal of Nazi flag from Geman Consulate.


Jabotinsky, Vladimir Zev (1880-1940), Russian playwright and journalist, founded Jewish Legion in World War I, founded Hagana in 1920, imprisoned by British in Jerusalem and Acco, organized Betar, exiled by British from Eretz Israel, warned of impending Holocaust, urged Jews to flee from Europe to Eretz Israel, Supreme Commander of Irgun.

Jack, Zelig (1915-1942), member of Betar, Irgun and from 1940, Lehi; murdered by British.


Kahane, Benjamin (1910-1956), member of Irgun, pilot, hero of Israeli air force.

Kalay, Hanoch (1910-1979), member of Irgun High Command, imprisoned, joined and later left Lehi Command.

Kashani, Eliezer (1923-1947), member of Irgun, arrested for carrying whip, hanged by British.

Katz, Samuel (1914-), translator, editor, author; aide to Jabotinsky, joined Irgun in 1936, member of Irgun High Command 1946, later a cabinet minister in Israel.

Katznelson, Joseph (?-1940), member of Betar, Brit Habirionim, Irgun; active in illegal immigration.

Kipnis, Avigdor (1910-), member of Betar, Brit Habirionim, Irgun, Lehi.

Kook, Rabbi Abraham Isaac (1865-1935), Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel, assisted Jabotinsky, Segal, Ahimeir and others imprisoned by British.

Kotik, Jacob (1913-1996?), member of Betar, Irgun, Lehi; sentenced to death in 1938; sentence commuted.

Kremin, Bat-Zion,, member of Irgun, later wife of Joseph Kremin.

Kremin, Joseph (1910-1993), member of Irgun, defended Tel Aviv in 1929, leader of reprisal attacks against Arabs in 1930s, directed Irgun's illegal immigration activities before WWII.

Krichevsky, Abraham "Dan", member of Irgun.

Kubersky, Haim (1923-1997), member of Hagana in 1937, Brit Hashmonaim in 1938, Irgun in 1938, and Lehi 1942-1946; later high Israeli government official.


Lankin, Eliahu (1914-1994), member of Betar in 1930, Irgun from 1934, exiled to and incarcerated in Africa, captain of Irgun arms ship Altalena.

Leibowitz, Itzhak (1918-1975), member of Betar in 1929, Irgun from 1933.

Levin, Rabbi Arye (1885-1969), the "father of the prisoners," rabbi who visited and aided imprisoned fighters.

Levstein, Yaacov., See Eliav, Yaacov

Levy, Eliahu,, member of Irgun.

Levy, Joseph "Cushi", member of Irgun.

Lewin, Menachem (1918-), member of Irgun, imprisoned by British, tortured by Sgt. Ralph Cairns.

Lishansky, Joseph (1890-1917), member of Nili, hanged by Turks.

Lubinsky, Haim (1911-1998), member of Irgun, Jabotinsky's representative to High Command, imprisoned by British.

Luntz, Menahem ("Eliezer") (1923-1944), member of Lehi, killed in shootout in Yavniel.


Mark, Rachel,, member of Brit Habirionim, participated in removal of Nazi flag from German Consulate, later married Haim Dviri.

Marzuk, Moshe,, Egyptian Jew, hanged by Egypt as an Israeli agent.

Meltser, Zvi (1912-), member of Betar, Irgun.

Menkes, Joseph (1917-1994), member of Betar, Irgun, Brisith army, Lehi; helped create the "Burma Road" to Jerusalem during war of Independence.

Meridor, Eliahu (1914-1967), Betar and Irgun officer, as lawyer defended many accused fighters.

Meridor, Yaacov (1913-1995), member of Betar and Irgun, Commander in Chief of Irgun 1942-1944, exiled to and incarcerated in Africa, escaped repeatedly.

Mizrahi, Rahamim (1924-1948), member of Irgun, blew shofar at Western Wall in 1940s, exiled to Africa, escaped repeatedly.

Moldovsky, Moshe (1908-), member of Betar and Irgun, leader of reprisal attacks against Arab terrorists in 1930s, Commander of Irgun in Galilee, later Commander of Irgun in Jerusalem, imprisoned, exiled to and incarcerated in Africa.

Moshinsky, Zvulun,, member of Revisionist Party, imprisoned in 1939.


Nakar, Meir (1926-1947), member of Irgun, served in British army, arrested during Acco Prison escape, hanged by British.

Niv, David (1915-1988), member of Betar in 1930, Irgun from 1936; exiled to and incarcerated in Africa, later authored five-volume history of the Irgun.


Ohevet Ami, Rachel,, member of Irgun, imprisoned for attempted attack on Arabs.

Orenstein, Yaacov (1913-1972), member of Brit Habirionim, Irgun and Lehi; imprisoned by British in 1930s, exiled to Africa in 1940s.


Pacho, Mordechai,, member of Brit Hashmonaim, arrested and tortured by Sgt. Ralph Cairns.

Paglin, Amihai (1922-1978), member of Irgun from 1941, Operations Officer, led successful attack on Jaffa in 1948 War.

Pozner, Shlomo (1912-1981), member of Betar, Irgun and Lehi.

Propes, Aharon,, founder of Betar.

Ptachya., See Ribenbach, Haim


Rabinowitz, Guttman ("Guttka") (1913-1983), member of Betar Jerusalem's branch, injured in attack by Arabs as leaving Western Wall, member of Irgun, exiled to Africa.

Raz, Yaacov (1919-1938), member of Irgun, stabbed by Arabs in Old City of Jerusalem, hastened his own death while under interrogation by British to avoid revealing secrets.

Raziel, David (1910-1941), Commander in Chief of Irgun 1938-1941, leader of reprisal attacks on Arab terrorists in 1930s, killed on sabotage mission to Iraq in 1941.

Raziel, Esther (1911-2002), member of Betar, Irgun; sister of David Raziel.

Ribenbach, Haim ("Ptachya") (1924-1946), member of Lehi from 1943; killed in attack on Rail Works

Rosenberg, Moshe (1898-1986), teacher at Betar Officers Training School, led defense of Tel Aviv in 1929, founded Irgun with Avraham Tehomi in 1931, Commander in Chief of Irgun, 1937-1938.

Rubovitch, Miriam,, member of Betar.

Rusnik, Menahem,, member of Brit Hashmonaim, Irgun, defended Jerusalem in 1948.


Saban, Rafael,, member of Betar, Irgun.

Schechtman, Rachel,, secretary to Jabotinsky.

Scheib, Israel., See Eldad, Israel

Schneerson, Judah Leb ("Grandpa") (1892-1971), member of Brit Habirionim, Irgun and Lehi.

Schwartz, Mordechai (1914-1938), member of Hagana, hanged by British for killing an Arab.

Segal, Moshe (1904-1985), taught Torah "underground" in Russia, member of Betar in 1927, expelled from Hagana, organized and led 1929 Ninth of Av march to Western Wall, defended Tel Aviv in 1929, was first to blow shofar at Western Wall, in 1930, first to be arrested at a Zionist rally, member of Nationalist Hagana and Irgun, founded Brit Hashmonaim, imprisoned, member of Irgun High Command, later Lehi Jerusalem Commander, member of Jerusalem Committee in charge of food distribution in 1948; first Jew to move back to Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, founded organizations to restoresovereignty to Temple Mount.

Seligman, Max (1902-1987), lawyer, sentenced to six months in prison for aiding illegal immigration, defended many Underground fighters.

Selman, Abraham (1911-1976), member of Betar in 1929, moved to Israel in 1935, joined Brit Habirionim, left school to join Irgun in 1937, member of Lehi from 1940.

Shamir Yzernitsky Yitzhak (1915-), member of Irgun, Commander of Lehi from 1942, exiled to and incarcerated in Africa in 1946, escaped to France in 1947; later, Mossad agent, Speaker of Israeli Knesset, foreign minister and prime minister.

Shapiro, Hisia (1922-), member of Betar, Irgun and then Lehi; Avraham Stern's "contact."

Shein, Abraham (1921-?), member of Betar and Irgun, imprisoned for reprisal attack on Arabs.

Shohami, Danny ("Danny Bet-Hamikdash") (1915-2001), member of Betar in 1933, Nationalist Hagana, Hagana, Irgun and Lehi.

Sirkis, Eliezer (1913-), member of Irgun in 1938, Lehi from 1940.

Solomon, Dov,, member of Irgun.

Spitzer, Shoshana,, member of Irgun, married David Raziel.

Stein, Moshe (1914-), member of Irgun, commanding officer of Betrar's chapter in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Stern, Abraham ("Yair") (1907-1942), member of Irgun High Command, in charge of illegal immigration and establishing Irgun cells in Poland, imprisoned, founded Lehi (the "Stern Group") wrote Principles of Rebirth, poetry and songs; murdered by British.

Stern, David (1910-2003), high-ranking officer in Betar, member of Irgun, associated with Lehi, brother of Abraham Stern.

Stern, Roni (1910-2002), wife of Abraham Stern.

Svorai, Moshe (1914-), member of Brit Habirionim, participated in removal of Nazi flag from German Consulate, imprisoned, member of Irgun, Lehi's Tel Aviv Commander, injured in British massacre, escaped from prison.

Svorai, Tova (1916-), member of Betar in 1930, Irgun in 1937, Lehi in 1940; wife of Moshe Svorai; sheltered Abraham Stern the morning he was murdered in 1942; imprisoned for four and a half years.


Tehomi, Abraham ("Gideon") (1903-1991), organized Jewish self-defense in Russia, member Hagana in 1920s, founded Irgun in 1931, Commander in Chief of Irgun 1931-1937.

Trachtman Harari Shlomo (1912-1986), member of Brit Habirionim, Irgun, Lehi; exiled to Africa.

Trumpeldor, Joseph (1880-1920), founder of Jewish Legion with Jabotinsky in World War One, served in Zion Mule Corps in Gallipoli, killed as commander of Fort Tel Hai in Galilee.


Uzi the Red., See Berman, Dov


Vilner, Shimshon (1918-1947), made aliya in 1936, joined Irgun in 1938, enlisted in British army in WWII, joined Lehi in 1946, arrested in Rail Works attack, killed during escape from Acco Prison.


Weiss, Yaacov (1924-1947), member of Irgun, rescued Jews from Holocaust, arrested by British during Acco Prison breakout, hanged.

Weizmann, Chaim,, A Russian born chemist who made his residence in England, was to become the acknowledged leader of Zionism. He supported "havlaga" and "partition" in Palestine.

Wingate, Orde -, British officer of WWII who trained Haganah units in superior offensive battle. This so angered the British that they assigned him to foreign duty for the purpose of having him killed.


Yachin, Ezra (1928-), member of Lehi from 1944.

Yellin-Mor Friedman Nathan (1913-1980), member of Betar, one of three Lehi Commanders, responsible for foreign contacts and diplomacy.

Yevin, Yehoshua H. (1891-1970), journalist, founder of Brit Habirionim, aided Irgun, Lehi.

Yitzhaki, Arye (1914-1939), member of Betar in 1927, Irgun from 1931; killed by bomb explosion.

Yunichman, Shimshon (1907-1961), Betar officer, Revisionist party official.


Zeroni, Benjamin (1914-), arrested at 1930 Zionist rally, member of Irgun, participated in reprisal attacks on Arabs, temporary Commander in Chief of Irgun, later member of Lehi Command, exiled to and incarcerated in Africa, escaped twice.

Zetler, Joshua (1917-), joined Hagana at 14, then the Nationalist Hagana, Irgun and Lehi; escaped from Acco Prison in 1947; commanded Lehi's units in Jerusalem in 1948.

Zurabin, Shalom (1919-1990), member of Betar, joined Irgun in 1937, imprisoned for reprisal attack on Arabs in 1938, as a member of Lehi escaped from Latrun by tunnel in 1943.

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