By Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Commentator & Analyst

Perhaps the E.U. (European Union) through the E.C. (European Commission) in its up-coming Conference on Anti-Semitism (1) intends to reverse its centuries old bias against Jews which peaked during WWII, but did not end there. In 1945 at the end of WWII, the Europeans, particularly England (in deference to the Arab oil countries) used their considerable powers to curb immigration of the remaining Jews trying to escape from the graveyards of Europe to Israel.

Now, once again, the Europeans and Arabs - acting much as they did during WWII - have ramped up their long-term hostility against the Jewish people.

After WWII some Jews tried to go back to their homes in Europe but found them occupied by locals and were very often murdered on the doorsteps of their own homes. Many tried to smuggle themselves to Israel but found the way blockaded by the British. Those who got as far as the Mediterranean Sea were captured and interred in concentration camps on Cyprus.

Between the end of the war in 1945 and the November 1947 U.N. (United Nations) vote for partition of the Palestinian Homeland for the Jewish people into an Arab and a Jewish State was a mere few years. Did the French, Germans, Poles, British, Russians really change their Church-taught hatred in that brief time? It would appear not, although their participation in the murder of the Jews living in their countries brought a brief moment of shame and guilt, allowing a remnant to escape and for the a U.N. vote to approve a Jewish State which was named Israel.

After Israel declared her Independent State on May 14, 1948, seven Arab armies attacked the fledgling State. I don’t recall the Europeans, the U.N. or even America protesting this Arab invasion - with the exception of trivial, pro-forma speeches. These countries conveyed every appearance that they expected the Arabs to succeed and, thus, solve the Europeans’ on-going Jewish problem. I don’t recall that any of these nations stepped in to help the new State of Israel or to supply her with the weapons to fight. I do recall how all these nations assisted the Arab nations with weapons, once the Arabs attacked and prevented Israel from achieving a greater victory when she beat them. I also recall the arms embargo against Israel by the Europeans and the Truman Administration in the dubious name of peace

In subsequent years , each time the Arab nations prepared for war or launched an attack, the Europeans and American oil interests assisted the Arab attackers, thereby always protecting them from their own gamble. The Arab nations risked land and lives only for the opportunity to confiscate all of Israel under the to goal "Push all the Jews into the sea".

This pure anti-Semitism was always there and, therefore, no one expected the anti-Semitic Europeans to be shocked into moral awareness by their own participation in Hitler’s murderous "Final Solution".

The U.N.’s record is a window into the European heart, soul and conscience - none of which existed when it comes to voting against the Jewish State. They slavishly obeyed the Arab block in the U.N. and almost always voted with that block against Israel (approximately 400 anti-Israel resolutions to date).

Now they are going to have a meeting on Anti-Semitism in the E.U. Perhaps it is because they have learned that whatever follows ramped up anti-Semitism is usually aimed at them, too. Jews may always be the lead-in victims but, now they know that they, also, are the larger target.

Muslims are becoming a critical mass in numbers and are beginning to push out native Europeans as they migrate into European countries. They are making heavy demands on their host governments for every European country to accommodate their ways and, by the abusive use, of their sheer numbers, they virtually take over control of the nations who hospitably allowed them in. Since 9/11 (and before) Muslim Terror Cells abound in the European nations with England and France acting as the leading host nations. (3)

Like the U.N., which has a powerful voting block of Arab nations, the European nations respond submissively to the threat of radical Islamic fundamentalist Terrorism as their numbers increase in their respective nations.

When anti-Semitism ramps up by young Muslim thugs by beating Jews on the streets or blowing up Synagogues, the Europeans experience conflicting emotions. One, given their prior hostility to the Jews and their various roles in helping to kill Jews, they cheer the attacks (quietly or out loud). At the same moment, the guilt of their tacit or active participation in Hitler’s Jewish "Final Solution" tugs at them. In the interim, they loudly deny that anti-Semitism is increasing and they further deny that they do little to curb the Arab/Muslim attacks.

Another facet of their confused emotions is their reliance upon Arab oil, their large Arab market for weapons, goods and services. Being dependent on oil alters one’s mind-set to adopt the overt hostility of their Arab neighbors towards Jews and the Jewish State seems natural.

Here the schizophrenia become startling clear. In all European nations, the Muslims are not welcomed into the local culture. The Arab/Muslims immigrants bitterly complain about being excluded from local society. On the other side of the Dr. Jekle/Hyde personae, the Europeans overtly support Arab nations in their cause of destroying and then occupying the Jewish nation.

Of course, they cannot phrase it that way and generally use language in the U.N. that speaks about peace while pushing Israel into untenable positions.

Anti-Semitism, Jew Hatred runs deep in Europe. Thousands of years of teaching by the Church of Rome has permeated every Christian variant, namely the Church of England, the Russian Orthodox Church and all others. (By way of exception, in the more recent past, Christian Fundamentalists who believe in what the Bible says, have come to the aid and support of the Jewish State.)

Anti-Semitism has become endemic at the U.N., as displayed recently in Durban, South Africa at a similar ‘set-up’ Conference on Racism. Driven by Palestinians and Arab/Muslims, the attendees virtually rioted in an orgy of hatred and racism against Israel, so blatant and embarrassing that, Colin Powell as head of the American (though Arabist) State Department, had to withdraw the U.S. delegation.

Imagine, the Christian nations of Europe are planning on what to do about anti-Semitism. This from a massive religion which adopted a Jew as their lord and have been destroying his Jewish brethren - even his own family - for centuries.
Granted, the Jews never accepted a human as any sort of G-d and are very picky about whom they acknowledge as their Moshiach (Messiah). But, what is more interesting is the level of rage, even to the point of committing the most heinous acts of murder and Genocide in the name of their lord or for Muslims, in the name of Allah.

Each of these civilizations have butchered each other and have often even killed off their own people. Yet, these past orgies of blood-letting faded away from thier consciousness, teaching them nothing. I grant you, a resurgence of Islam vs. Christianity is well developed but both take time out to attack the Jews and the Jewish State although each represented no threat to either. There are at most 16 million acknowledged Jews on this planet of 5 to 6 Billion. The minuscule land mass of Israel is only 300 miles wide and 50 miles wide (including Judea and Samaria). Israel is so small that the label of Israel on maps must be printed out into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea lest the word obscure that sliver of land. Yet 22 Arab/Muslim nations rant about Israel and the Jews as their primary focus for hostility. Europeans are even worse, given their land mass, population and comparative wealth.

Everyday in the European, Arab and American Media, there is a fascination as to what Israel has done that day and every day. Why this all-consuming interest?

Christians of Europe are once again meeting to speak about "their Jewish problem". Such meetings have been conducted for centuries - usually ending in decisions to displace the Jews, convert the Jews, burn their Torah Scrolls of the Jews, wrap their Rabbis in wet Torah parchment and burn them to death slowly...etc. Decisions by the Church led to the butchering of the Jews by the Crusaders marching behind what for Jews became a most hated symbol, the cross.

The Arab Crescent ran a near second. What did the Christians and Muslims want from a tribe of Jews so small in number?

So, now the European nations under the E.C. is going to meet - which for Jews is like the Wannsee Conference of Heydrich, Eichmann and others of Hitler’s brain trust to evolve "The Final Solution to their Jewish Question". If their past is any indicator, their present role in the U.N. and E.U. forecasts that the direction of this meeting should probably go something like this:

Under the guise of being ‘fair and objective’, there will be lengthy testimony as to provocations by the Jews. This will cover a broad band, from the existence of the Jewish nation to those insular, ‘cosmopolitan’ Jews daring to walk the streets of Paris, Berlin, ‘et al’, in their provocative garb, that is, those little head coverings called ‘kippot’ or ‘yarmulkees’. We should be hearing inspired hostile commentary from Jack Straw of Britain or De Villapen of France or perhaps La Pen - given their past hostility to Israel.

Being open-minded and fair to all, we will likely hear testimony from articulate Arab/Muslims, some educated in Britain or America with very cultured accents and stylish suits. But, under this facade is a shaven Arafat - both in attitude and purpose.

Then there are always a cadre of black anti-Semites who will be eager to be heard from. Let us lead off with Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson and maybe even Andrew Young, Louis Farrakhan and, if Baby Doc Duvalier can ju-ju up the dead cannibal Idi Amin, perhaps he can float in for some anti-Jewish diatribe. Perhaps the Pope of the Church of Rome can send an emissary to critique Israel’s ‘terrible’ treatment of the Pope’s hugging buddy, Yassir Arafat.

We will see a gaggle of well-known non-Jewish Jews of the Radical Left, desperate to pound their chest in a ‘mea culpa’. How about Shimon Peres, as the lead off hitter, followed by Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, Ehud Barak, Noam Chomsky and some Tikkun/Peace Now followers?

We could add the leaders of the Arab world who ejected their own Jews, seized their properties (private and communal) after Israel defeated their numerous attacks. Egypt could give testimony why they don’t like the Jews, followed by Syria’s Bashar Al Assad, the Ayatollahs of Iran, Saddam from his prison cell, Kadaffi from Libya, some Saudi Kings and Princes ‘et al’. Given what these leaders have done to their own people, their lively imaginations could dream up fantastical accusations against the Jewish nation that causes the anti-Semitism.

All in all, the up-coming gathering will likely resemble, in parts, the Spanish Inquisition, the Wannsee Conference, the Evian and Bermuda Conferences and the many Arab League conferences to solve "their Jewish Question".

What they might be the outcome?

It is likely that they will evolve a new, more advanced form of anti-Semitism under the guise of doing good. Be assured, the up-coming Conference against Anti-Semitism will be or already has been hijacked, so then there are certain pre-concluded decisions already arranged. For example: the theme of the Conference is to deal with anti-Semitism, but nothing would stop it from being re-formatted to question the legitimacy of establishing the Jewish State of Israel. It could turn into an E.U. power grab to control the ‘Quartet’s’ Road Map. The ‘Quartet’ is the E.U., U.N., Arabist State Department and Russia. The Quartet hijacked and re-designed the Road Map that President George W. Bush’s conceived to first disarm and dismantle the Terrorist Organizations of the PLO. But, the ‘Quartet’ has since dumped this first step from the Bush plan. In its new iteration, Israel must build the Palestinian State with no prior disarming or dismantling of Palestinian Terrorist Organizations.

Then the E.U. connived with some rejected out-of-power Israelis who invented the Geneva Accords which many of the E.U. nations had a hand in secretly evolving and funding.(4) It could be as simple as a concluding vote wherein the judgement of the assembly is that the Jews brought anti-Semitism upon themselves. Such a conclusions would exonerate the Europeans as co-conspirators with the Arab/Muslim nations and Terrorist organizations - as well as their own immigrant Muslims, in promoting Jew hatred.

Of course, in such a hijacked Conference, they could decide that the only way to eliminate anti-Semitism is to send a European force, called "Peace-Keeping Force", into the region to establish another Arab State of Palestine - possibly employing NATO Forces, based upon a recent agreement with NATO (without America). Europe wants more power and eliminating American influence from NATO would help them get it.

With such a stretch of logic and fact they would tell the world that they are ‘really’ saving Israel and world Jewry from the rage of the Muslims. In which case, I would start to look for the fingerprints of Colin Powell and the Arabist State Department in this assemblage of a Kangaroo Court who have longed wished to dissolve the Jewish State.
This assemblage of unrepentant, unreconstructed anti-Semites will not offer solutions to anti-Semitism but, more likely to give it a boost. Regrettably, we see a beaten Prime Minister Sharon caving in to outside interests while ignoring the safety of the only Jewish State.

It is additionally unfortunate that Israel, under the auspices of the American Jewish Congress, has agreed to attend this meeting and which gives an undeserved legitimacy to this Forum.

As a first step toward solving their own anti-Semitism, let them meet by themselves, publically expose their endemic Jew hatred, put a lid upon the World’s hostile Media and cease carrying water for the Arabs.


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Emanual A. Winston is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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