I Accuse

Who Really Murdered the Civilians in Kana?


By Rabbi Eliezer Waldman

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Kiryat Arba

7 Av 5766


The barbaric massacre of scores of men, women and children in the southern Lebanese town of Kana aroused a plethora of “moral” outrage by all those who claim to have a patent on righteousness, and who certainly are experts in manipulating these values for their personal interests.


Human suffering is purposefully used by them as a tool to achieve their aims.


When more than a thousand rockets were intentionally fired upon civilian populations in Israeli towns and cities, designed to kill multitudes of innocent civilians, young and old, these pontificaters of morality suddenly lost their tongues.


These spokesmen, representing nations and international organizations, are never moved by the bloodshed and suffering of Jews.


And they don’t really care for the suffering of the Lebanese, except when it gives an opportunity to castigate Israel.


The tragic death of civilians in the town of Kana was not accidental. It was a carefully premeditated crime staged by barbaric terrorists designed as usual to portray Israel as the villain.


The world must recognize this sham as part of an Islamic scheme to control the conscience of the world by injecting the rule of deception.


This scheme goes about manipulating the powers of the media and technological means of communication in order to present a false interpretation of events.


I accuse the world media of allowing itself to serve as tools in this conspiracy of a vicious scheme of distortion of truth and human values.


I accuse the Hizbullah terrorists of the massacre in the town of Kana by not allowing the civilians to leave the area which housed rocket launchers after being warned by Israel that these houses would be destroyed.


I accuse the Lebanese government of being responsible for the crimes of Hizbullah by allowing them to perpetrate these horrible crimes in Lebanon.


I accuse the UN and its Secretary General, Mr. Koffi Anan, of serving as a source of encouragement to these terrorist organizations in the Middle East by feeding upon the lies and deceptions produced by them. Mr. Anan has always jumped upon the opportunity to condemn Israel, while never investigating the accountability of the terrorists for their actions.



I accuse especially the governments of the European Union, headed by

England and France, who cannot shirk their responsibility of stimulating the powers of terror who know that the Europeans will always demand that Israel compromise with terror while denying the Israelis the right to defend themselves.


I accuse the Vatican, which claims to serve religious values of truth and justice, whose feelings of human compassion are not aroused when Jews are attacked and killed in Israel, but are always incited when Israel defends itself against enemies who intend to destroy her. This approach can certainly be held accountable for all the pain and suffering perpetrated by the Hizbullah in Lebanon.


I now turn to our friend and ally President Bush. I call upon you to continue to be strong in your support of the justice of our cause. Do not yield to the hypocritical double standards of your European and Arab friends or the United Nations. You certainly will be rewarded by the G-d of Israel.


To our Israeli government I want to say with all the strength of faith in our Divine process of redemption: Do not hesitate, ever, to speak the  truth about our exclusive rights to our homeland, to build and to settle its hills and valleys, and to defend every inch of it from the destructive forces bent upon uprooting independent Jewish existence in the Middle East. In these days of mourning for the destruction of our

Temple we will merit the Divine blessing of the G-d of Israel by our complete devotion to the process of redemption of Israel.

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