by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator


For centuries we Jews have been driven from our homes simply because we were Jews!


The reasons and accusations are no longer relevant. The people, the nations, the religious orders who uprooted and expelled Jews were all assured by their current leaders that they were doing the work that would please their gods. Their teachings were perniciously evil and reached deeply into the minds of men.


Usually before such an expulsion, there preceded a period of forced conversion, torture and burnings of the recalcitrant Jews who refused to accept another religion before Judaism. The sacred scrolls of the Jews (The Torah) and later sacred books were burned to erase the word of G-d. The destructors had never talked with G-d as did Abraham and Moses or accepted the obligations of His Covenant but, nevertheless they maintained they were the rightful heirs to G-d’s Covenant with the Jewish people.


Instead, they borrowed bits and pieces of these laws, claiming that the ‘lowly’ Jews did not deserve such an exalted position of being G-d’s Chosen servant and a ‘light unto the nations’. They all drove Jews from their homes, falling on the Jews’ confiscated properties as carrion eaters always do.


Often the Jews had lived in those nations for hundreds of years before those then in power came to dominate them and drive them away. Nevertheless, despite long-term established residency, the Jews were viewed as separate and apart - and so we were. A remnant of Jews escaped from the graveyards of Europe and the newly created Arab states, only to be followed and attacked by the pagan Arabs - assisted by the killer nations of Europe.


Jews are obligated to retain their separateness and not accept foreign gods and ways of other peoples. Jews were committed to keeping G-d’s Laws and, as His keepers, they were to be the role models both in their behavior and by teaching the sacred Laws of Torah to those who would listen.


Now, once again, we Jews are being prepared to be forced from our homes by non-Jewish Jews in collaboration with the same savage nations who murdered us in countless numbers. Special Jewish Forces are being assembled in the Israel Defense Forces who have been screened for their non-Jewishness, their lack of commitment to the Land of Israel, and their disdain for Torah and for observant Jews. Some say they have been selected because they have an amoral nature - sometimes called sociopaths and in that no different than such leaders as Shimon Peres.


Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel (Arik) Sharon has bonded together with Shimon Peres to resurrect the Rabin, Peres, Beilin Oslo plan to drive Jews from their homes. This is not the first time Jews have turned on their own people. Too often through the centuries Jewish leaders have joined with foreign forces to evict Jews from their homes, nations and finally take their lives.


The ‘Judenrat’ (Jewish leaders) of Germany and other occupied European nations acted as collaborators with the Nazi SS to gather up and assist in transporting Jews to the Nazi death camps. They maintained they were doing it to save Jews but, they were really doing it to save themselves but, were killed in the end. They had their counterparts in the United States who refused to intercede with the Government under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, lest it provoke anti-Semitism in America.


Presently, Ariel Sharon is preparing to drive the Jews who have lived in Gaza for 30 years out of their homes, leaving synagogues, schools, yeshivot, farms, factories, water and infrastructure - all of which are intended to be given over to the Arab Muslims Palestinians ‘cum’ Terrorists. The Jews arrived in Gaza at the urging of the then Leftist Labor government after the 1967 Six Day War to re-unite it with the rest of Israel. It was then barren, empty of people with only sand dunes no one but the Jews wanted. The Jews built greenhouses, tilled the sandy land and created a fertile cornucopia of vegetables (without bugs), fruits and flowers for internal consumption and export. Sharon and the Leftists ignore the prior centuries of Jewish presence in Gaza so the de-Judaization and re-partition can proceed.


Now Sharon wants the Jews out and the Palestinian Terrorists in. This was from a man temporarily elected to office, who has no mandate to re-title the Land but has assumed Pharaonic-type powers as a man-god on earth.


Sharon, Peres and the non-Jewish Jews of the Left are following the long-established custom of allowing the enemies of the Jews to drive them from their homes. Our enemies have always offered a litany of excuses for driving Jews out so the Sharon/Peres rationale merely adds to the list of excuses. Sharon and the Left have determined that Israel is not to be a Jewish State in practice but rather a secular Jewish State, theoretically acceptable to Arabs and Europeans.


Sharon and all past leaders of the Left had/have one hidden agenda. That was to de-Judaize the nation and to insure not one holy location remained for Jews to be drawn to or rally around. Thus, you see the Temple Mount handed off to Arabs or the Marat HaMachpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs - where Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rivka, Ya’acov and Leah are buried) - among other holy sites disposed of by the non-Jewish Jewish leadership.


The coming harassment may very well have such features as concentration camps for those Jews who resist ejection from their homes. Some, perhaps many, will be shot if their resistance is too firm. We already observe the build-up of disinformation by Sharon and his politically controlled GSS (Government Secret Services). The propaganda is that there are "dangerous settlers planning to assassinate Sharon" which, once accepted by the public will allow the round up of all the Jewish leaders in YESHA - especially those in Gaza/Gush Katif and probably the Golan Heights. This was a ploy used by Rabin, Peres, Beilin to demonize all those who correctly objected to the subversive Oslo plan.


IF they can imprison the leaders under the archaic British law of "Administrative Detention", they can more easily drive the Jews out of their homes with less resistance. This was the technique used by Hitler’s SS: First imprison the leaders and ordinary citizens will be terrified and follow orders like sheep.


So once again, another chapter is being written in the History of the Jews being driven from the land, from their homes - leaving all they have built so others (their self-declared enemies) can take the fruits of industrious Jewish work. This time it is the non-Jewish Jews who have virtually captured the leadership of the Israeli Government and turned it into an authoritarian regime which parallels any of the Arab Muslim governments in the region. If ever there was a more evil and soulless regime, it is Sharon’s current Administration which most certainly need purging.


Having conspired with foreign nations during a War of Terror is, indeed, nothing less than treason. Successive Israeli administrations have shown that they simply have no interest in what their public thinks. This arrogance has ramped up since Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres discovered they could make unilateral decisions with little resistance from the Knesset (Parliament). As for the people, they only exist to pay taxes and the bloated salaries that include months of vacation for the Members and Ministers of Knesset.


Perhaps the secret Oslo debacle was the first major leap away from any normal democratic control over their actions. Their discovery of the ‘no checks and balances’ over elected governmental officials shows a drift into dictatorship under the guise of being a democracy.


Even the Israeli Courts have created an internal mind-set that leans Left and against the nationalistic Pioneering Settlers. For instance, the Israeli Supreme Court under Chief Justice Aharon Barak has ruled that the Barrier Security Fence must be re-built to accommodate the comfort of the Arab Palestinians more than for the Israelis’ security.


The dissolution of the Jewish State has been the goal of the members of the so-called "Quartet", the anti-Israel U.S. State Department, the anti-Semitic E.U. (European Union), the hostile U.N. (United Nations) and Russia, whose history of anti-Jewish pogroms are legendary. Regrettably, we now see a Jewish government join these corrupt nations thinking they will be allowed to exist as a secular State.


To accomplish this destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, they needed to recruit unworldly and naive Israeli leaders to go along with what will be the re-partition/dismemberment of Israel. It was not difficult to flatter such naive, unworldly leaders as Rabin, Peres, Bibi Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and now Sharon. Those who elected Arik Sharon were assured that his brilliance as a General also insured he would be a competent Statesman. He has failed in the one thing he was elected for - mainly ruling the nation and understanding the world at large.


Unlike the Europeans who have experienced centuries of political manipulation and long-term planning in their history, Israel has only 56 years. Her short-sighted leaders have small talents to parade before their voters who themselves are rather insular with little understanding of world affairs and don’t begin to understand why even our so-called friends want us off the map of the Middle East.


If you look into the backgrounds of most of Israel’s Prime Ministers, you would find shallow small thinkers, unsuitable for the job of Prime Minister. But, through party affiliations they were pushed up the political ladder until they were appointed by their party as the nation’s leader. Some were intelligent but had little or no wisdom. Their best thoughts in terms of future planning were a week or possibly a year ahead but, mostly, they were consumed with keeping the power of their office. The fate of the nation always ran a distant second unless it had something to do with advancing their Party finances and keeping their job. That kind of thinking may be acceptable in large countries with no nearby enemies but, Israel is surrounded by millions of hostile Muslim Arabs who simply want to kill them.


To further demonstrate the corruptions of the Sharon regime, it has been reported that prior to the recent vote among Likud, Sharon sent his son Omri to Arab villages to recruit them to "temporarily" join Likud so they could vote for re-partition and, after having done so, resign their Likud membership, reverting to their normal hostile loyalties to Yassir Arafat.


Larger nations can survive incompetent leaders and parliamentarians who cannot think clearly. Their nations can survive stupidity but Israel is tiny and mistakes on security can too easily be fatal. Leeching up to the leaders of larger nations who massage the weak egos of Israel’s inept leaders and take advantage of their ignorance as man-children is pure evil - but effective.


Can we really blame these almost Jewish leaders for their ignorance, greed and selfishness? Indeed, we can. While they are stupid in their administration of the nation’s security, they were not so unaware that they avoided plundering the nation’s treasury for themselves and their party. As a nation and a people, Jews cannot bring themselves to jail or hang political criminals. The most we can do is to pray that HaShem (G-d) brings justice to these people.


As for the nations who wish us dead and buried, may HaShem plague them with incurable disease, drought and floods (some of which is actually occurring now). For their evil planning, let their land burn in the sun and their cities crumble when the earth shakes. Hopefully, they will understand that Nature has become the hunter and the instrument of their punishment from a G-d whose patience has worn thin. Sending a plague of howling Muslims across the planet blowing up what they can, ought to be a recognizable message.


We see today the Leftist Jews become as the Vichy French collaborators were to the Nazi conquerors or, in this case, any Superpower. In the case of Israel, we see the Left as collaborators with the Arab Muslims, the Europeans and the anti-Israel U.S. State Department in the manipulation of Israel to surrender through a succession of incremental retreats.


There is a difference.


The Germans wanted the French to live under their domination whereas the enemies of Israel want the Jewish State destroyed and every Jew dead. The crime of the Jewish Left is that they not only collaborate but, they lead Israel on to self destruction. Perhaps then, a civil war is necessary with the Jews who hate the Jewish nation and their own Jewishness being driven out to lands where they will feel more comfortable, more assimilated and more non-Jewish.


Keep a diary of those who betrayed the Jewish Nation and the Jewish people. Should the nation fall because of their subversion, hunt them to extinction in the lands to which they will flee - hoping to hide from their crime. However, it is likely that G-d will place the mark of Cain to mark them as untouchables who wander the earth as killers of their brothers.


If the Jewish State of Israel falls to Leftist Jews collaborating with our enemies, then all Jews will be hunted to extinction in any land they may flee to. The World could not bear having Jewish witnesses looking at them, day after day, as the criminals they would be. Every Jew in America, Europe - wherever - would have to be murdered so the last witnesses of the crimes against G-d and His Chosen would not be there to testify. No witnesses - no crime = no guilt.


The Jewish people are often called "The People of the Book" and thus recorders of history. Regrettably, we Jews carry this to an extreme. We Jews believe that if we identify the problem and write about it, all others will thereby be informed and act appropriately on our revelations. While ideas are grand, we truly believe we have solved problem by writing about them. For some, however, writing turns into action and decides the day. When Arab and/or Muslims write and harangue their people about "Jihad" (Holy War for Islam), they actually convert the writing into murder of Jews.


When Jews stop writing and rise up to defend their rights to the Land G-d gave them to live, only then will Jews stop running from their shadow and anchor themselves to the Land without apology and without requiring anyone’s permission. Then the Jews in the Jewish State will have both security, sovereignty and dignity.


Clearly, it is time to eject Sharon from office and elect One Honest Man for Prime Minister. He is there and, although he does not want the job, as a patriot, he could be recruited to save the Jewish nation.



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