Jeiwsh Blood for “Peace” -

Two Kiryat Arba men killed by terrorists outside Hebron

The Jewish Community of Hebron

December 29, 2007


Shortly after 12:00 this afternoon Arab terrorists, shooting from a jeep, shot and killed to young Israel men, both in their twenties, between the communities of Telem and Adura. The two men, both serving in the IDF, were hiking with a young woman. At the time of the shooting she managed to hide, thereby saving her life.


The exact site of the attack is a wadi, leading to a spring, near Telem. Telem is a small community located adjacent to the transJudea highway, about 10 kilometers west of Hebron.


The identities of the two men have not yet been made public. The funerals will be at Har Hertzel at 9:00 PM Saturday night.


Details of the attack:


Two men from Kiryat Arba, soldiers serving in an elite unit, on vacation, were hiking near a stream near Telem. A vehicle, with four terrorists, began shooting at them. The soldiers fired back, killing one terrorist at the scene and critically wounding another.  The other two were slightly wounded and managed to escape. Both men were killed and their weapons stolen. The critically wounded terrorist died in a Hebron hospital.


Their blood-stained terrorist's car was found, but the other two terrorists have not yet been found.


A woman with the two men who hid during the attack made contact with the authorities, who then began searching for them. She was taken to hospital in shock.


A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement:


It's started again. Israeli concessions lead down only one road: Killing.


Only a few weeks ago Ido Zoldan was shoot down near Kedumim. Now two young men, both serving their country in an elite army unit, are dead, having been betrayed by their country, by their leaders, by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister.


The concessions Israel is making, the refusal to build in Judea and Samaria, the willingness to abandon more of our sacred Land, the determination to expel more Jews from their homes, the willingness of the Prime Minister to 'make difficult sacrifies for 'peace'' is the perfect recipe for Arab terrorists: we will get whatever we want, so let's kill some more Jews - what difference does it make.


Olmert won't allow Jewish blood to stand in the way of 'peace.' After all, Israel has all but decided to release terrorists with 'blood on their hands' as a 'gesture' to Abu Mazan and his 'moderate' colleagues. So again, why not kill Jews? What have they got to lose?


The injustices facing Jews, such as the determination to again expel Jews from a building legally purchased in Hebron, is a clear message to the terrorists: Israel is willing to go the whole way, giving whatever the terrorists demand in return for... more dead Jews.


The Olmert government must go. Olmert, Barak, and Livni are leading Israel down a path of bloodbath, a path of communal suicide, a path of injustice, a path leading to grief, a path leading to extended war. The time has come to replace these traitors with leaders of faith, leaders who believe in G-d, who believe in our right to our land, in our right to live in true peace, without continued concessions to evil.



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