NEW YORK TIMES DISCOVERS NAIL PACKED BOMBS By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

31 July 2005

The NEW YORK TIMES of Thursday July 28th featured a front page story on the London bombing of 7/7/05, complete with a photo X-Ray of a nail-studded bottle bomb. I don’t recall seeing any other NYT articles showing their readers such a device over the years. It’s not that they didn’t have such photos previously. It’s just that they choose not show them lest their readers get the wrong idea. Later, CNN and FOX NEWS also featured this revelation of nail-studded bombs as if they too were amazed in the pretense that they also had never seen such X-ray photos.

But, there are other prior photos - not merely of X-ray photos of nails in a ready-made bomb but rather X-rays of nails embedded deep inside the organs of children, including nails as well as shards of metals, bolts (some coated with rat poison and human feces). Hundreds, even thousands of Israeli children, teens and adults needed dozens of operations to remove this shrapnel. Some will never recover and are maimed for life. Kidneys, liver stomach, eyes, muscles - have been pierced by such metals and then probed by surgeons for removal or often they are in places so delicate, they cannot be removed. These eternal victims will set off alarms when they go through metal detectors. These X-ray photos are available on the Web.

These X-rays were made available for publication for years but the Left Liberal Media choose not to feature it, lest the Arab Muslim Terrorists take offense. Above all, Saudi Arabia - who was the known banker of Global Muslim Terror must not be offended.

The NEW YORK TIMES, along with most of the Media, here and internationally, seemed not terribly interested in Israel’s wounded or dead. No front-page stories, no X-ray photos of nails in children’s organs and no horrific stories about Yassir Arafat’s killers in his time (except when the bombing was too big to ignore) nor now under Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) and his Fatah organization who uses the Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade for their ‘wet work’ murdering and grievously wounding Jews. The Arab Muslims are still blowing up civilians, using nail loaded bombs and more.

But, even now, as the bombs are still exploding and salvos of Kassam Rockets, mortars and missiles are hitting Israeli cities - NOTHING MUCH WAS EVER FEATURED AND SENSATIONALIZED - like the London nail-studded bombs. Clearly, killing Brits by Muslim Terror was a matter for international concern while killing Jews was of less importance and buried in the Media - as was the Holocaust during WW2.

However, we did have Queen Rice haranguing Israel, ordering Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon to arm Abu Mazen’s Fatah/Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades who are acting as if they were Police but are really still prime-time Terrorists. Rice and The Company (the CIA who are training the Arab Muslim Palestinian Para-Military ‘cum’ Terrorists) ignored the tonnage of arms, ammunition and explosives already in Arab Muslim Palestinian hands. They warn Sharon not to retaliate against the Terrorists - nor to hit the "ticking bombs" before they strike. Israel’s Intelligence is so good that they can and have spotted and stopped many planned Palestinian Arab Muslim Terror attacks. But, that makes the Bush Administration’s purported "Road Map" peace process look bad. Killing Muslim Terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq has been acceptable because it is a war where Terrorists are killing American soldiers. Killing those same Terrorists in Israel is ‘inconvenient’ for the Bush Administration’s effort to appease the Muslim countries’ leaders.

Bush and Rice also seemed uninterested in the shrapnel embedded in Israeli bodies or the loss of limbs and eyes but, rather they needed Israel’s capitulation in order to have the appearance of a political victory for the Bush Family Legacy - as Muslims continue to explode nail-studded bombs in Iraq and major cities in the Free West.

As ‘Mujahadeen’ (fighters for Islam) pour through Syria to kill American soldiers and Iraqi civilians, you may notice that Syria is ‘immune’ from a direct attack by America. This is an ugly ‘side-bar’ story, in itself as one is reminded of the attack on the Marine Barracks that killed 242 American Marines in 1983 which led then Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger to countermand President Reagan’s orders to shell Syria. Let’s have an official Congressional Investigation to ask Casper and James Baker why Syria was and still is ‘untouchable’. Let’s make public the names of Syria’s protectors in the highest ranks of Washington’s influentials.

The Media, along with the Bush Administration has sunk ever deeper into shame as they choose which team of Terrorists they will support. Now, as Muslim Terrorism grows world-wide by leaps and bounds globally, one sees an effort to pacify Saudi Arabia by using ‘disinformation’ to the effect that Islam is not the problem or cause of Global Terrorism.

Remember, not all Muslims are Terrorists but, all Terrorists in the last few decades have been Muslims. The Bush Administration seems confused as to how much they can heap on Israel in order to appease the oil-rich Muslim countries. Pandering to Arab Muslim Terrorists just doesn’t seem to work but, that doesn’t keep the Bush Family from trying - no matter what the cost.

The London bombings of 7/7 were predictable, as was America’s 9/11 and Madrid on 3/11. They (the Global Terrorists) promise more, forecasting more Global Terror - in Italy and Denmark next.

The pro-Arab State Department policy allowed Arab ‘Jihadists’ to flood into America and shielded them from FBI investigations. Now, we all have to watch Middle Eastern men and women as they board the subway, buses or planes. Now, we must put special guards around nuclear power plants and chemical manufacturing plants, lest a team of Muslim ‘Jihadists’ blow up such plants, thereby contaminating 3 to 7 surrounding states with radio-active debris as happened in Chernobyl where the surrounding air, water or ground was contaminated with radioactivity. The areas of Russia, Sweden, Finland, etc. that were contaminated could not be evacuated. To where would such a large population evacuate? So, those radioactive areas continue to grow vegetables, raise cows for milk, cheese and meat - all with a radioactive content. In 10 to 20 years, this populaton will see a remarkable increase of numerous forms of cancer.

Soon, across the planet, bombs with nails and/or suicide bombers in subway tunnels will seem (by comparison) a small thing. All of Europe has become Eurarabia as Muslims flood these easy nations, creating a safe haven for Muslim Terrorists who can count upon their brethren to give them refuge. It takes years of court hearings to deport or jail Islamic preachers who rail against their host countries. Universities are loaded with Muslim students studying nuclear physics, biology and chemistry. When they complete their scheduled courses, some go back to their countries of origin and are absorbed into their military science units. Others stay on to penetrate industry while still others become recruiters and/or become active in planning strikes on civilian targets they have scanned. When they become a ‘critical mass’, they become active Terrorists.

The other day American Muslim scholars issued a ‘fatwa’ (Islamic proclamation) telling young Muslims that Terrorism is not the Islamic way. Nice try but, no cigar. Muslim Terrorists listen to the Imams who are hostile to their host countries. They preach from their Mosques to kill infidels (all non-Muslims), especially Jews and Christians. That the Muslims are the rightful rulers of the Planet Earth under Allah. This self-serving ‘Fatwa’ is meant to create a protective screen as a phony protection for the Muslims, lest host countries decide that they have had enough and start massive deportations to the Muslims’ countries of origin.


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