Hiding Israel’s Contributions to the U.S. Military 1104

Emanuel A. Winston

                                                                                                                                     For years, Israel has been America's secret weapon in defending the interests and lives of Americans for the United States. The problem is that, while the U.S. wants and needs Israel's assistance in securing (Huminit) on-ground Intelligence about what Arab Terrorists and Arab Rogue Nations nations are planning against America, it does not want to admit that Israel is its irreplaceable source for deep Intel. Israel reluctantly accepts this policy because America is Israel's ally and friend but, resents this effort to appease Arab nations.                                                                                                                                                                         General George Keegan (now deceased), head of America's Air Force Intelligence unabashedly and repeatedly stated publically during his life that:

*"Israel is worth 5 CIAs" with respect to the Intelligence passed to their American counterparts. This wasn't intended as an insult to the CIA but, rather that

*Israel needed and was capable of deep penetration into Rogue Arab nations and Terror cells whom the CIA will never reach.


Some may recall the extraordinary assistance Israel rendered to America's military as they were mobilizing their forces to invade Saddam's Iraq

*in 1990. Israel briefed America's Military Intelligence on what they had learned through Israeli agents planted deep in Iraq's regime.


*Israel provided an air umbrella of their aircraft giving cover for the vulnerable incoming air cargo as part of the Desert Shield build-up to Desert Storm. Believe me, it wasn't the Saudi Air Force that was called upon to protect U.S. transport aircraft carrying American soldiers for the 6 months needed by our reluctant foot-dragging Colin Powell (then head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to prepare for the war with Saddam.`

During the first Gulf War, Desert Storm which began January 16,

*1991, Israel had rescue units planted in the Iraqi deserts to pick up downed American or Israeli pilots (who were prepared to fight) should they be hit by Saddam's SAM missiles. As it turned out,

*Israeli pilots were forcibly kept on the ground because Bush and Baker refused to give Israel the (IFF) code frequencies that identified Friend from Foe - lest it offend Syria and Egypt.

For all this invaluable assistance,

*Bush, Sr., and James Baker fired Gen. Dugan who was the top military authority overseeing the U.S. build-up because he publically acknowledged Israel's military assistance.

*Bush, Baker and Colin Powell had formed a fake coalition of Arab nations who did virtually nothing to assist the American and British forces. All they did was to loan their names but, they refused any fighting role against a fellow Arab nation. For showing up, unarmed and staying far away from battle,

*Syria and Egypt were gifted with hundreds of millions of American tax-payers' dollars worth of tanks, planes, helicopters, munitions left over after the war.

I recall that a spokesman for the military at the University of Chicago explaining that they pushed supposedly worn out attack helicopters off the deck of homebound aircraft carriers because they were not worth even being used for spare parts. I expect those helicopters really ended up being gifted to Egypt and Syria, without advising Congress or the GAO. Tricking Congress and the American people seems to be the policy of that Bush/Baker Administration.

As 39 SCUDs hit Israel, she, for her very real contribution, got a phoney promise that the U.S. Administration would task their pilots to hit the SCUD missile launchers.

*The American Administration lied and never assigned their pilots that mission - according to the GAO (Government Accounting Office) report long after the war. That ruse was the product of Bush, Baker and Powell displaying their preferred alliance with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and other rogue anti-American Arab nations.

The Chief of Israel's Air Force said over and over that there were no American sorties against the SCUD launchers but, no one believed him.

*Had the Israelis been allowed to send their own pilots against the launchers, perhaps the SCUD missile wouldn't have hit the American barracks in Saudia Arabia, killing 28 Marines who didn't have to die.

One could go back further in Israel's assistance to her ally, America, when she captured Soviet missile systems, radar systems and planes - all of which were sent back to America for inspection. Billions of dollars would have been spent on reverse engineering to learn how to defend against them had U.S. industry NOT had the captured Soviet equipment which Israel sent to America.

*Israel's assistance shortened the number of man-hours and money to develop counter-measures against Soviet technology, missiles, radar frequencies and more. Israel, despite her minuscule size, gave back to her ally, America, more than any other nation and, regrettably, received the back of a diplomatic hand in order to appease Saudi Arabia.

Israel developed aircraft disposable fuel containers, allowing fighter aircraft to extend their flying and fighting range. As I recall,

*the 'Thank You' they received from then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, was the transfer of this technology to Saudi Arabia and Egypt - despite America's promise to Israel not to. Weinberger, like Baker, was well known for his visceral hatred for the Jewish State - not to mention his (their) connections to Arab oil nations which is still on-going.

The homily: "No good deed goes unpunished" comes to mind when it comes to appreciating Israel's assistance to its ally, America. The American people have always supported Israel and Israel has always been truly grateful for their support. Regrettably, Israel usually believed that the various Administrations also supported Israel - when, in fact, the Arabist U.S. State Department and some high ranking politicians, who had unholy cash ties to Arab nations, often ran a different and pro-Arab foreign policy.

I recall when the American M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, then in first production, using a turbine engine was failing in every phase of its construction. It sucked up sand; its suspension could not take the punishment; its bearings ate sand; its firing systems on the run were inadequate, etc. Then

*they called upon Israel's Gen. Israel Tal, who had fathered the Merkava to assist in de-bugging the M1A1 (denials by the U.S. manufacturers notwithstanding).

*The 'Thank You' that followed was to charge Israel with stealing the U.S. technology of chrome-plated tank gun barrels (which was later disproved). This technology was available in at least 3 other countries, namely, America, Sweden and Germany. Israel had asked for bids on available chrome plating from Sweden's Bofor Company and Germany's Rementhal Company, both of whom had developed chrome plating for gun barrels. It was

*a phoney accusation inspired by the hostile U.S. State Department - enemies of Israel and it did make it to the front pages as planned but,

*when proven wrong, there was never any printed apology either by the Media or the State Department.

The same charge was made about the Merkava's other superior systems - at which point it was decided by General Israel Tal to no longer accept American tanks bids, eliminating the opportunity by the Arabist State Department to raise false claims against Israel.

*Israel has developed the Arrow missile system, funded in part by U.S. grants. This is the first and only reliable system that can encrypt incoming missiles with a high degree of probable hits. The U.S. has spent hundreds of Billions of dollars in trying to develop local operational intercept missiles but, nothing matches the Israeli Arrow. This system will be bonded with an American manufacturer (Boeing) for production in the U.S. Here again, this tiny country of Israel has proven to be a giant contributor to the American military.

*Israel has been the first and most competent developer of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), now used by America's Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force in battle. These UAVs were especially effective in Kosovo and Iraq. UAVs now being developed for local production in America or Europe often costing twice to five times the Israeli systems.

*Presently, American troops are being trained by Israelis on fighting techniques in urban combat, saving American lives. The Israelis learned the hard way how to fight Terrorists for over 50 years in Gaza, Jenin, Hebron and was pleased to share their experience with American soldiers.

So what does Israel get out of her assistance as the only democracy in the Middle East and America's most helpful ally?

*President George W. Bush in deference to Arab rogue nations and Islamic Terrorists, has ordered Israel to create what will be another Arab State of Palestine which will be an instant Terrorist center in the Middle East. The American Administration's foreign policy is led by the pro-Arab State Department. The State Department re-designed the Bush Road Map for Israel

*to re-divide Jerusalem,

*abrogate her ancient claim to Solomon's Temple - upon which the Muslim built their Al Aksa mosque thousands of years later. Israel has been ordered

*to give up to Arafat (or his successors) 30% of her fresh water resources from the acquifers under the Judean Hills.

*Israel has been ordered to abandon the Jordan Valley which is a natural barrier to tanks coming from Jordan. Powell, leading Bush, wants Israel

*to allow in a large number of Arabs called 'Palestinians' as permanent residents - as well as workers. With the workers will come the Terrorists, as always.

This is the State Department and Bush family __expression of 'Thank You' for Israel's years of assistance.

Israel will, no doubt, continue to develop technology from weapons to pharmaceuticals and Bush, in deference to the Saudis, Egyptians will continue to bury Israel's contribution lest the backward Arabs get angry.

What may be worse is that then State Department, Bush and family know that the mixture of Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" will never be pacified by anything short of Israel's demise and total occupation of the Jewish nation by Muslims.

The Palestinian Authority has just adopted an official constitution based upon Koranic 'Sharia' law, rendering all people living in the PA areas subject to Islamic 'Sharia' Law. You may recall the Taliban's view of the 'Sharia' laws in Afghanistan which President Bush was so anxious to exterminate. Hundreds of Christians living in areas ruled by the PA have been arrested and imprisoned for holding church services or conducting public Christian practices without authorization. The IDF freed some of the arrested Christians when they took over what had been PA-controlled cities. (1)

Under Israeli law, Christians thrived and enjoyed complete freedom of worship but, under Arab Palestinian control cities such as Bethlehem are virtually empty of Christians. But, Christian Europe, including the Pope, remained silent - accepting the racism from the Arabs which Israel eliminated in its official policy. Let us not forget that Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi religion is virtually the same but the Bush family ties to the Saudis causes them to overlook this small matter.

That lesson of unremitting Arabic hatred for non-Muslims, even to its rescuers, is being learned in blood first hand by Americans in Iraq. The Iraqi people rescued from a brutal tyrant are already creating a folk legend of American occupation and brutality which must be avenged in the decades to come. The homily: "Kiss the hand of your enemy until you can cut it off" seems operational in Iraq in the way the Iraqis treat American troops, especially at night. During the day they are smiling and friendly but, at night that usually changes. (Just ask the American troops.)

We all saw an Egyptian foreign minister being beaten by Arab Palestinians on the Temple Mount for signing Egypt's Camp David cold peace accord with Israel in 1979.

Hate and killing of Jews seems to be a joy for Arabs and a relief from life's tedium which we in the West refuse to understand. So, we push Israel into suicidal accommodations, merely to appease the Arabs - all for the sake of oil.

Strange, isn't it, as an advanced civilization returns to her ancestral homeland, becoming the only outpost of democracy in the primitive Middle East, the Europeans and the American President want a Terrorist State in place of Israel. There are forces in Europe, the U.N. and the Arabist State Department who would rather see Israel disappear than contribute to the growth of this backward region whose only products are oil and Terror.

What is so important for Israel to receive credit and the approval of America for what she done for our nation? There are many earned benefits, some obvious and some hidden. For example, when the Arabist State Department or oil interests try to subvert Israel, they must be careful because both the American Congress and the American people will object strongly.

The same is true when the Arab Block in the United Nations offers resolutions that are intended to harm the Jewish State. When American Arab organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) lobby Congress or attack pro-Israel individuals, most Americans will know it is merely Arab propaganda because they know that Israel, unlike Arab nations, stand squarely behind America. Because of what Israel is known to have done to help America in practical ways, they know Israel is ready to fight alongside American soldiers if called upon to do so.

When Saudi Arabia spends hundreds of millions of dollars in Public Relations to boost their bad image now that they are known as the Terrorists' bank, that propaganda also pays for anti-Israel PR. The American people disregard Arab prejudice because they know Israel backs America - unlike the Arab countries.

When the Congress votes assistance to Israel, Americans know that Israel is one of the few nations who reciprocates in so many ways. Americans know that what Israel has done for its best ally, is not in order to have 'bragging rights'. But, it is because of the understanding that *Israel has had to fight for her existence from the early days of creating a State and from the first day of that State's independence in 1948.

The Palestinian Mandate was partitioned by a United Nations vote in November 1947 into a tiny Jewish State in a sea of belligerent Arab states.

*Israel had to fight to defend herself every single day for more than 55 years against shootings, car bombs, suicide bombs and six full scale wars.

The Arab/Muslim leaders all pledged the destruction of the Jewish State - even if it took 100 years, a 1000 years - all in the name of Allah, by using Muslim Terrorists. Although Israelis did all the fighting, it was the American aid that allowed them to buy and build the armaments to hold off the Arab hordes.

It was the American people who told an agreeable Congress to approve this vital assistance. *Israel did her very best within her limited means and paid back to America every loan extended. Additionally,

*Israel provided a battlefield laboratory for many American weapons' systems.

 *Israel created many of the weapons America now uses.

*Israel extended vital Intelligence about potential and real enemies of America in the Middle East. This payback should NOT be hidden by any Presidential Administration or the U.S. State Department in order to appease the hostile Arab nations.

There will be critical times, as there are now, when President Bush orders Israel to abandon critical territories - at which time, Israel must politely refuse! Israelis understand that Bush must face elections in 2004 and needs political victories. But, Israel cannot sacrifice her own safety on the word of a President that Arafat and other Terrorist nations will not attack again - as they have all promised to do. The American people and the Congress must be the counterbalance to our Administration's political needs and their business connections with the Saudis, 'et al'.

That's all I have to say about that!


1. " 'State of Palestine' under Islamic Sharia Law" from Arutz 7 12/31/03 from David Bedein in

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