No to the Partition Plan - The Vision of Eretz Yisrael Lives On!


The destructive plan to establish a palestinian state in Eretz Yisrael is acquiescence to terror, abandonment of our homeland, and a grave danger for Israel. Programs including ‘administrative self-rule’ to Arabs living in Yesha, leading to abandonment of parts of the homeland are also very dangerous.


Consequently, we warn, we assert, we declare:


Eretz Yisrael is the homeland of the Jewish people – it is ours, exclusively. The land was bequeathed to the Jewish people by the Creator of the Universe, in its entirety, it was and always will be, our only homeland. The Jewish people are not conquerors of their own land, rather are the single lawful sovereign within it. After two thousand years we have returned to resettle the land, all parts of it.


The whole land must fall under the full sovereignty of the State of Israel and be open to Jewish settlement, which will continue and expand, with G-d’s help, in accordance with the historic, Divinely ordained return to Zion.


We totally reject any agreement to partition the Land; “an area” for Jews, and ‘autonomy,” or “self-rule” for the Arabs. Just as we returned home, to Beit El, to Shilo, to Hebron, - we will return, with G-d’s help, to Shechem, Beit Lechem, and to all regions of the Land.


We are faithful to all of Eretz Yisrael, our eternal homeland, as written by Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook, of blessed memory, about similar plans:


“We will not betray, we will not renounce responsibility, G-d forbid, of our faithful representative mission, of all our people and all our land, by diminishing our total rule over it, by granting ‘autonomy’ within it, which is null and void, unacceptable and non-existent.”


All talk of fragmented “shalom” within the context of “autonomy” in the very essence of the land of our existence, the land of our fathers, Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’akov, is null and void, and is none other than treason and relinquishment of the responsibility of our historic duty and mission, with the Divine return to Zion. As with all deplorable ideas, such thoughts will not transpire, have not done so in the past, nor will they do so in the future.


All talk or contemplation of such ideas is an historic disgrace… This land, promised to us, through the pure progression of generations, and the commanded precept to rule over it in its entirety, exists for eternity and will stand and exist, in its absolute completeness and our revival within it.”


The vision of the complete Eretz Yisrael remains alive. It's faithful supporters will not slumber and will not fail - "We will be strong and strengthened for our people and for the cities of our L-rd."


(Ateret Cohanim web site)

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