by Elyakim Haetzni


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1. What the Americans Really Want

2. Bush Needs a Terror-Free Area - for a Palestinian State!

3. Using the Jews to Build a PA State

4. Zionism: Building Two States?

5. Fight - but for the Right Cause! What the Americans Really Want


An imaginary scenario: The Americans allow Sharon to drop a one-ton bomb on the entire top brass of Hamas, killing them all and leaving Hamas with no leadership. Let's say we've also conquered the Mukata and expelled Arafat and his entire Oslo bunch back to Tunisia. Now what? Does this lead to the vision of Eretz Yisrael HaShleimah [Greater Land of Israel]? Is there even anyone in official Israel, with the Likud at its helm, who sees this as a realistic diplomatic option? Let's try to understand what the Americans were thinking when they allowed us to drop a (small) bomb on Sheikh Yassin, and what they will be thinking when they finally allow us to expel Arafat. The answer was stated by Condoleeza Rice in two words: "Nation-building." She explained: "We struck the Serbs, enabling us to build the Bosnian nation; we beat the Taliban and built the Afghan nation; and we will now build Palestine." In the meantime she has also managed to smite Saddam Hussein, enabling her to busy herself with building the Iraqi nation.


But the Palestinian thing is missing something. After all, to build the Bosnian nation, NATO defeated the Serbs. And against the Taliban and Saddam, the U.S. Army stepped in. To build a democratic state here, Hamas terrorism must be smashed - and somebody has to smash it.


Bush Needs a Terror-Free Area - for a Palestinian State! After all, if George Bush would know that the choice here is between a Saddam-like Palestinian terror state and nothing at all, he would certainly give up on his Palestinian vision! So who's supposed to get rid of the Palestinian terrorists so that a "democratic" American-supporting Palestinian state can arise in fulfillment of the American dream?


Unlike the Europeans, Bush is serious about terrorism - and in fact sees eye-to-eye on this issue with Sharon. For this reason, he needs a strong army to fight and smash Arab terror - not only in Iraq or Afghanistan, but here too. It's not for naught that "smashing the terror infrastructure" is the first station on Bush's Road Map. But he's certainly not going to send his own boys out to die on the streets of Shechem and Gaza - certainly not when they're already doing so in Iraq - so who's left to do the dirty work? Only the IDF.


In other words, it's up to the IDF to clean out the area and pave the way for a Palestinian state.


Using the Jews to Build a PA State


It won't be the first time that goyim use Jews as weapons by which to strike the Jews. But our blind Israeli leaders are imagining that they're fighting only on behalf of our security, without seeing that at the same time they're serving another purpose, namely, paving the way for the next stops on the Road Map: general elections in a terror-free PA, followed by an international conference declaring a PA state with temporary borders on Jan. 1, 2004 that will immediately be accepted into the United Nations.

This entire vision is a nightmare for every Zionist Jew loyal to his nation and land. But many leftists realize that it's dependent now on the disappearance of Arafat - and that's why they're suddenly demanding his expulsion. They realize that only one last step is required in order to fulfill their historic task of building a "Palestinian" nation and a "Palestinian" state.


Zionism: Building Two States?


This process began when Zionism planted within the Arab mixed-masses who lived here with no national identity a feeling that they are a people carrying the name of the land that was destined to be the Jewish national home - "Palestine." Then, in 1967, the Zionist army came and freed them from Jordanian rule - under which they never would have received independence. Israel then spent the next several decades building them up: giving them education and teaching them administration, and building networks of roads, water, electricity, and health. Under Jordanian rule, they left - but under Israeli rule, hundreds of thousands of them came back in order to work for us, and good ol' anti-Semitism granted them the world's admiration.


And finally, for good measure, the Zionist movement equipped them with ammunition, military training [from the U.S.], and much money, with the terrorist consequences with which we are all-too familiar.


Our saving grace is the fact that the left-wing is not united, and the Arabs, though a smart people, can't control their terrorism urge for even a few months, during which the Road Map could do all the work for them. The Americans, too: if they would think it through, they would allow Sharon to drop a large bomb, expel Arafat, and thus the IDF could fulfill the Bush vision, instead of that of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Amos.


Fight - but for the Right Cause!


My intention in these words is not to recommend to the IDF not to fight. I wish rather to warn of the trap that intrinsic in the very words "war on terrorism." This phrase implies that we don't have a war with the Palestinian people, even though they are those who are activating the weapons against us. It implies that the war is merely against the virtual concept of "terror," as if it can be fought with no connection to the 120-year-old blood-filled national struggle between the Jews and the Arabs in this Land.


Peres in Oslo and on the White House lawn, and Sharon in his speech in Latrun and in Aqaba, have placed us in a bind. We have no choice but to continue fighting against the Palestinian enemy and to kill its leaders, but we also have no choice but to ensure that our war be on behalf of the Land of Israel, and not for "Palestine." We must therefore define clear national goals for our war. We dare not lead to a situation in which the historians will write that the State of Palestine was established in the Land of Israel with the bodies of our dead. We must therefore break through the tunnel and see the light at its end - the light of Jewish sovereignty over all of western Eretz Yisrael.


* * * * * * * Atty. Elyakim Ha'etzni, a resident of Kiryat Arba, a columnist in Yediot Acharonot and B'Sheva, is a former Knesset Member from the Techiyah party.


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