The First Palestinian State

by Emanuel A. Winston Arutz Sheva December 10, 2003


Oh. You didn't know there was a First Palestinian State?


It's not necessary to go back to 1964 when, with Egypt's help, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was formed - with the sole intent of engaging in terror for the purpose of conquering the Jewish State, with the assistance of all the Arab/Muslim nations. Those goals of the PLO have not changed.(1) Yasser Arafat was elected Chairman of the PLO in 1969.


Arafat and his terrorists ended up in the Kingdom of Jordan after a series of unsuccessful wars by the Arab/Muslim nations against Israel. There, they arrogantly walked the streets of Amman well-armed and with supreme confidence. They intimidated the people of Jordan. Between 1967 and 1971, the PLO challenged King Hussein for political control of Jordan. Hussein made 26 agreements to keep the Peace. Arafat signed them all and broke them all. The last straw would be when Arafat put out a kill order for King Hussein's brother, who commanded the Jordanian Army and, particularly, the special Bedouin troops who had clashed numerous times with Arafat's thugs. This was not going to be Arafat's State by coup d'etat, but it was a lesson in his MO (Modus Operandi).


Hussein's Army was called up and a memorable slaughter of Arafat's followers took place, an event the Arab Palestinians called "Black September".(2) The major conflict began in September 1970, but took 17 months until Arafat's terrorists fled, mostly into Lebanon. However, many crossed the Jordan and were rescued by Israeli settling pioneers on the west side of the Jordan River.


In Lebanon, the Arab Palestinians were greeted with open arms by their so-called brother Arabs. It was a case of mistaken identity, which the Lebanese did not know then was a one-sided hudna (time of false peace, rest and re-arming for Arafat's terrorists). To this day, the Lebanese people bitterly regret opening their borders to Arafat's Arab Palestinians.


Then, it began. Arafat first established the parameters of a terror state much as they started to do in Jordan before Black September. Wherever they gained critical mass in numbers and arms, that area of the city or country became theirs. Every street corner was an Arab Palestinian 'checkpoint' to collect pass-through money, but also, frequently, to rape women passengers, steal cars and extort whatever they wanted. As in Jordan, Arafat's Arab Muslim Palestinian gunman acted as conquerors, threatening everyone, looting and taxing through terror.


As Arafat expanded his control over Christian and Muslim Lebanese, they too became part of the conflict that became a 12-year Civil War, killing 100,000 Christian and Muslim Lebanese.


Lebanon had once been called the Paris of the Middle East, the Garden of Eden spot for vacationing Arabs, with a Banking Center for the Arab world - but all that was destroyed. The Christians and Muslims had worked out a 'peaceful, political accommodation' to run Lebanon and, particularly, Beirut. Arafat had stirred them up, so now they were bitter enemies, attacking each other and fighting Arafat's Palestinian Mini-State of Terror. The killings went on day and night, with whole villages massacred, with a retaliatory massacre soon after. Arafat turned the various Arab refugee camps into his bases of operation. Weapons and explosives were stored in apartment building, hospitals and schools, using the civilians as human shields.


As confusion and terror reigned, Arafat continued to expand his mini-State of Palestine with the presumption that one day all of Lebanon would be a Palestinian State.


Arafat's methods were a mirror image of what Americans found in Iraq, particularly Bagdad, where Saddam's family and Republican Guards wreaked havoc. Granted, Saddam's regime was larger and very well-funded, but the hideous brutality was virtually the same.


Arafat's gunman roamed the streets with modified pick-up trucks, manned with 30-50 caliber guns mounted in back. They were looking for various factions of Christian militia to gun down, but Muslims were also shot dead - as were any of the few Jews who still lived in Lebanon. (By that time, the Arab/Muslim nations had ejected almost all of their Jews (approximately 800,000) and had confiscated all their property and assets - personal and community. In effect, this was a replay of Hitler and Europe's confiscation of all that their Jews owned.)


Arafat launched frequent terrorist cross border attacks into Israel from his safe Mini-State in Lebanon - just as does Hezb'Allah does now. Hezb'Allah, a fierce terror organization based in Lebanon, is run by Syria and funded by Iran. When those attacks became intolerable, Prime Minister Begin gave Defense Minister Gen. Ariel Sharon permission to attack Arafat's Terror State in Lebanon. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) discovered and exposed many things that were photographed, catalogued and described in books published subsequently about the savagery of Arafat's treatment of his Lebanese brothers. As today, the Left-leaning liberal media ignored what Israel had discovered, but they did castigate Israel for daring to respond to Palestinian terror attacks.


Israel's early encounters came from what then was called the RPG Kids (Rocket-Propelled Grenade). These were 9- to 11-year old kids who were trained (on Arafat's orders) to use rocket-propelled grenades and hide behind their seemingly innocent youth. Many Israeli soldiers were killed because they hesitated to kill mere children. However, these were not 'mere' children; they were fully trained Palestinian killers who were merely smaller than Arafat's regular terrorists. They were trained from early childhood to hate, kill and obey their master. (That education to hate, kill and obey continues to this day in the Palestinian Authority.)


The IDF discovered miles of machine-dug tunnels, stocked full of arms, ammunition and plans for the next major war against Israel - aimed at her elimination. These were the pre-stocked positions for planned advancing Palestinians, with regular Syrian troops, into Israel. I believe it was the Austrians who supplied the huge tunnel-digging machines, which could dig wide tunnel into the Lebanese mountains, thus allowing large trucks to deliver their deadly loads.(1)


When Israeli troops broke through into Beirut in 1982, they were again shocked at what they found. Much the same as in 2003, American troops were shocked when they entered various compounds of Saddam Hussein and his two sons, Uday and Qusay. Torture rooms, masochistic sex rooms and always the fields of hundreds of thousands executed Iraqis - with Shi'ites and Kurds topping the list.


In 1982 when the Israeli soldiers entered the hospitals in Lebanon, they found Lebanese Christians' bodies stacked like cordwood in the hallways. Their blood had been totally drained for transfusions into Arafat's wounded, 'more worthy' fighters (on Arafat's orders).


Arafat's men often used a special torture and death on captured prisoners. Copying the Roman technique of drawing and quartering captured prisoners for the amusements of the crowds, Arafat used four cars to slowly pull a man apart by driving in four different directions. Here, too, the mob of Arafatian Arabs found this to be exciting and cheered. This 'mind-set' is endemic in most Arab nations; we recall the two Americans in Mosul, Iraq, being shot, pulled from their car, having their throats slit, and being mutilated. Then the mob moved in to crush their heads with cement blocks, and to stamp on the two doomed soldiers.(3) The surrounding mobs cheered delightedly.


This, in turn, was similar to the lynching the Arab Palestinians committed against the two Israeli soldiers who made a wrong turn into Ram'Allah,(4 ) and the frequent lynching of their own people who they accuse of being ' collaborators'.(5)


Then, there was the matter of the village leaders in Lebanon (the mukhtars of the village) paying baksheesh, a.k.a. protection money, to keep his own village protected from Arafat's murdering marauders. One mukhtar refused to pay protection money. So, Arafat's collectors kidnaped the mukhtar's teen-age daughter, raped her, cut off her breasts and delivered her back to the mukhtar's doorstep in a gunny sack.(1) No tax collector of a mini-state could have been more convincing.


There were thousands of these examples, photographed, catalogued, books written and all seemingly forgotten - except for some.(1)


This was Arafat's First Palestinian State, which was crumpled by the invasion by Israel in 1982, when Arafat and his killers came under American protection as they shipped out to Tunis. Later, under the auspices of Oslo, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres resurrected Arafat, gave his Arab Palestinians and Arafat a reprieve and invited them back. Most recall what followed their return. Since Oslo was signed September 13, 1993 - 1,500 Israelis (and at least 45 Americans) were brutally murdered and hundreds of thousands wounded - many maimed for life.


Without the exact count of the Arab Palestinians tortured and murdered at Arafat's orders in those territories handed to him under Oslo, there have been hundreds. Then, one must add in those suicide bombers - the young men, women and children convinced or brainwashed to blow themselves up in order to kill Jews and ascend to Muslim Paradise and receive 72 virgins.


When Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu turned over Hebron under pressure from America (expecting gratitude from America, which he did not get), the Palestinian businessmen begged Israel not to leave. They knew what was coming. In all the territories given over to Arafat and his Palestinian Authority, every business, manufacturer, farm suddenly had a new partner in one of Arafat's officers. That was Al Capone's business: the protection racket, which Arafat carried to astonishing levels of corruption.


Even the Arab Palestinians in the Eastern section of Jerusalem want Israeli citizenship, before they fall under the control of Arafat at the behest of the Bush Administration - now a not-so-silent partner of the Geneva Accords.


Wherever Arafat and his Arab Palestinians achieved a critical mass, they tried to produce a State born out of terror, torture, blackmail and extortion. The Arab Palestinian State that the Bush Administration is trying to create through the Road Map - and now through aberrant Leftist Jews, employed by the E.U. (European Union) - cannot be anything else but what it has always been.


It doesn't matter that Israel is forced back to her indefensible 1967, or even her 1949, borders, or that there is no wall to separate terror from civilization. Arafat and his Arab Palestinians have proven time and again that any entity they can control, be it a state or merely a city, immediately becomes a base for launching terror and suppressing their own people. After all, why would Arafat and his Arab Muslim Palestinians rule any differently than Saddam of Iraq, the Assads of Syria, the Ayatollahs of Iran, etc.?


Should Israel and Bush be foolish enough to actually give Arafat or his successor a large base of operations called a 'state', with Jerusalem as its capital, rest assured that, like Saddam's Iraq, Syria or Iran, they will begin absorbing high-tech weapons of mass destruction, including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical), and their reach will be shockingly far. They are already linked up with Syria and Iran, and had been closely linked to Iraq, and will probably be again when Bush pulls the American troops home - before elections. This new terrorist state will never be satisfied with a Palestinian State on only the 'West Bank'.


The new state will use the Palestinians in Jordan, who are already 75% of the population (or more), to overthrow King Abdullah. Then, it is just a matter of time before they subvert the region, in lockstep with the other terror state of Syria.


So, this is the preamble to what will be the Second State of Palestine, courtesy of the Bush family and a weakened Israeli Prime Minister. Look at a map of the neo-Palestinian State, the centerpiece of a chain of Islamic nations going north and south, which are to be a choke chain for Israel and the region. This then will be the legacy of Bush and Sharon to the Free World and the people of Israel - guaranteed terror for millions in Israel and the Free West for years to come. Arafat's terror state will have many godfathers - not the least of whom would be Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, the U.N., the Europeans, Colin Powell and the pro-Arab U.S. State Department, the Bush family, James Baker III, among many others.


As I said at the beginning, the Arab Palestinians had a first terror mini-state in Lebanon, which demonstrated the prototype and Arafat's MO - terror and murder. The godfathers know all of this, but they plunge ahead - often with Israel's acceptance of a born-to-die fate, which some Jews have accepted as their destiny. They would rather be de-Judaized as their entrance into acceptance by the world of nations.


Let us hope and pray that a new leader will emerge who will understand that Israel must say: "No!" to their American friends; "No!" to the Europeans; "No!" to the U.N.; "No!" to the Arab League; and "Absolutely no!" to acceptance of a so-called mini-state of unremitting terror.


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2. "Black September in Jordan 1970-71", from Within the space of two hours on September 6, 1970, PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine] gangs hijacked a TWA jet, a Swissair jet, and made an unsuccessful attempt to seize control of an El Al airplane. About two hours later, another PFLP group hijacked a Pan Am jet and forced the crew to fly to Beirut airport, where the airplane landed almost out of fuel. The next day, the airliner was flown to the Cairo airport, where it was blown up only seconds after the 176 passengers and crew had completed their three-minute forced evacuation.


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