Why Palestinian statehood is a mistake

by Joseph Farah

I now think I understand Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's thinking when it comes to his acceptance of the U.S. "roadmap" plan for the creation of a Palestinian state as early as this year. For a long time I wondered if there was any coherent thought behind Israel's capitulation to Washington and the international community.

I knew there was no moral justification for the creation of a new state of Palestine, one that has never existed in the history of the world. I knew it was a bad idea to reward terrorism, which is exactly what the creation of the state does. I knew it was wrong to dismantle Jewish communities in traditionally Jewish lands. I knew it was a bad deal for Christian Arabs who happen to live in the territory. I knew it would result in a new totalitarian, Islamic state. I still know all this. But now I think I understand why Sharon is going along with the bad plan.

He's doing it because he believes it is honestly in Israel's best security interests to do so. While I appreciate his position, I still think he is wrong. Sharon believes if this action is not taken, Jews will some day be outnumbered by Arabs in Israel. He sees the creation of another Arab state on lands where Arabs are already in the majority as a defensive measure. By carving up the West Bank, dismantling some Jewish communities and moving Jewish population inside a new green line, he believes he will be acting in Israel's best, long-term security interests.

In addition, by establishing a real Arab state where none currently exists, Sharon will be ensuring that future terrorism will have a real address, one that can be held accountable for attacks on Israel. Here's why he is wrong. Here's what he is missing. Here's what he is not projecting because he can't think like his enemy.

The day a new Arab Palestinian state is created, other Arab nations will begin ejecting their own Palestinians to live in the new nation. They will come from Syria. They will come from Lebanon. They will come from Iran. They will come from Egypt. They will come from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The Arab nations keep the Palestinians and their descendants in squalor. They are denied citizenship rights. They are denied work. They are denied property. They are denied their human rights because they are and always will be a political football in the Arab campaign against Israel.

How many will come? I would expect to see 500,000 at least in the short term. This will result in new refugee camps on Israel's border. This will result in more poverty and dislocation, conditions that breed terrorism and senseless violence, which is why Yasser Arafat hasn't minded destroying his own once-healthy economy.

These refugees will not complain about those who really victimized them - the Arab leadership. Their hatred will be directed at the Jews. With no more Israeli military patrols taking place, as they do now, the security situation will deteriorate on Israel's fence. The terrorists will develop new tactics and buy new weapons - including weapons of mass destruction.

If Israel dares respond to attacks by crossing the border, it will create new international pressures against the Jewish state. This is not a recipe for peace. This is a recipe for delaying disaster. By acknowledging the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause, when there is none, Sharon and Israel will have given up the moral high ground and invited more demands on Israel in the future.


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(Joseph Farah is a Christian Arab who has a nationally syndicated column originated in WorldNetDaily, where he serves as Editor and Chief Executive Officer)

We are sending out this Joseph Farah piece, even though we believe that Mr. Farah's criticism of Mr. Sharon is much too mild. Mr. Farah correctly believes that Israel has given up its "moral high ground."

We not only believe that Mr. Sharon is wrong when he supports the Saudi "Road Map¨ plan, but disaster, not peace, will follow its execution.

The problem is one of Sharon's lack of faith in the belief of the L-rd's Promise to the Ancestors of the Jewish People. Sharon would transfer Jews from their homes and their Homeland in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, without any hope that thereby "peace¨ will follow. The "Road Map¨ will not only "delay disaster¨, but is a formula for a continual nightmare for Jews, in their Biblical Homeland.

Jerusalem, January 6, 2004 Ruth and Nadia Matar

Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)

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