By Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Commentator & Analyst

Israel has nothing to explain to the International Court of Justice at the Hague regarding the Defensive Wall being built in Israel.

In 1948 the Arabs in each country announced that they would attack Israel, kill all the Jews and, as they proclaimed: " We will dance in their blood" and "Push them into the sea". As they proclaimed, so did they attack. They refused the partition voted by the United Nations in November 1947 and thus gave up any claim to land they would lose in their unprovoked aggressive war against the new born Jewish State of Israel.

Israel as the intended victim State, won that war, resulting in what can only be defined as Defensive Conquest. Israel had to pay dearly in lives lost and in what lost monies they had to raise to buy junk weapons from the scrap yards of Europe at usurious prices. These same European nations now dare to judge Israel for creating a barrier to Arab Terrorists. These were the same nations who refused to sell Israel weapons to defend herself and her people, many just liberated from the Nazi death camps.

The Arabs attacked and the Jews advanced.

In each of the 7 wars launched by the Arabs against the Jewish State (including the 1991 Gulf War when Saddam hit Israel with 39 SCUDs), the Arabs always attacked with the same intention of committing a blood Genocide and overcoming their humiliation and shame from always being beaten by the Jews they hated and despised - Jews whom they thought were weak.

Their own religious legends of fiction assured them that each defeat was an anomoly and that the Jews were the weak, cowardly people who could not, would not fight.

They attacked and we advanced.

Each time, the price for the Jewish State to stay alive was paid in Jewish blood and great debt. Each war came at a greater cost in both lives and treasure on more weapons. After each war that the Arabs instigated and lost, they retired to spend their treasure on re-arming (which should have gone to educate their primitive backward communities). But, the Arab Terrorist Losers diverted all the loot to war that they got from donor countries and the black gold, that is, the oil the Western countries extracted. The Arab Terrorist nations and organizations used these Billions to buy tanks, guns, missiles, aircraft, explosives and, for many, attempted to build WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Israel is still fighting a war against the unremitting Terror by Arab/Muslim Terrorists, who have proclaimed in their manifesto, their Muslim "Mein Kampf" that, they shall continue killing Jews even if it takes them 100 or 1000 years.

Israel has started to build a "Wall of Life" which fits their slogan of "Ein Breira" (No Choice). I do not agree with this Wall, not because of its existence and purpose but where it is placed. It walls off too many Jews who live in the villages, towns and cities called ‘settlements’.

I believe there already exist two natural barriers against attacks by any coalition of Arab armies from the East. A first line of defense is the Judean and Samarian Mountains and the second is the Jordan River. They are effective and they are much cheaper than the "Wall of Life" now being built for Israel’s protection of her peoples’ lives. The Golan Heights is the first line of defense from the Northeast protecting Israel from attack by Syria.

Israel paid for that land with tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of thousands of injured. Israel earned that land over and over again because the Arab/Muslims attacked again and again in war and with Terrorism between the wars. Israel owns that land because G-d promised it to the Jewish people. You can read that repeatedly in the Bible.

As a relevant aside, it is interesting to watch the Left Liberal Media give honor to the pagan Koran which follows the moon god of the Arab desert tribes but the Media scorns the Jewish Bible from which the Christian Bible is written.

Arab/Muslims knowingly gambled away the land they controlled by attacking Israel in 7 wars and now demand that they deserve the Land they lost be given back - as if they deserved it. They made bad judgements in their investments in war and death. They killed Jews and they got their own people killed. There is a price that unrepentant serial aggressors must pay.

Each time they attacked, their purpose was to occupy the Land of Israel, take as their plunder what the Jews had built and enjoy the "dancing in the blood of their Jewish victims". Israel paid with rivers of blood and hundreds of Billions of dollars which the Arab aggressors still owe by way of compensation for the 7 wars and for the Jewish lives and property they confiscated in the home countries from which the Arab countries ejected them..

The Land of Israel owes no explanation to the world’s nations, to the Court in the Hague or to their American friends. I offer the same advice to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon now that I gave to Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir before the Madrid Conference in October 1991. Don’t go! It’s another ambush for the Israeli nation and the Jewish people. Whatever you say will be irrelevant. Whatever proof you submit will be considered trivial and ignored. All your planning and discussion on the merits of your case are wasted effort. This will be another International circus where Israel will be put in the dock and pilloried. Regrettably, I do not expect you to take any sensible advise.

As for the "Wall of Life", it is only a temporary barrier, much the same as one would find in Separation Walls, moats and bars in a zoo. Israel’s wall is 3% high concrete (but this is all that you see in the news) and 97% chain link fencing. Such walls exist in every civilized country, including America, to keep out illegal aliens. But, Israel has always been judged under different rules, customs and laws - only because they are Jews and anti-Jewish bias still exists.

People who take joy in blowing themselves up to kill an enemy who is not of their primitive pagan religion are dangerous animals. Perhaps one day they will evolve into civilized human beings. But, until that time, the Wall of Life must be erected to separate the killers from our people whom they have declared are their prey.

They attack! We advance! G-d promised.

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