EXCERPTS from “Shadow Government” by the Pro-Arab State Dept.

By Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator


In brief, the State Department, in deference to future oil (read: Arabs and/or Muslims), ramped up their early anti-Semitism and opposition to the Jewish State into a position of being a major, high level adversary to the State of Israel. When they lost the battle in the U.N. to kill off the vote to partition Israel, they fell back to fighting Israel "off the books" through every scheming, black operation and opportunity possible. Israel was supposed to disappear sooner or later as a favpr for oil companies and the Arab nations they served.


Perhaps the plan to sever Israel’s bond with America began the day the vote for partition came through in November 1947. Many in the U.N. and world-wide anticipated that Israel couldn’t possibly survive the promised invasion of six well-armed Arab armies. This would solve all political problems for the U.N., the U.S., and the Europeans. There would be no attempted rescue by them in real time - just as there was no rescue during the Holocaust. All arms to Israel were embargoed so the 1948 war the Arabs threatened would be short. Their plans failed. Israel miraculously survived the six Armies’ attack. Fighting off six Arab nations brought an admiration from Americans but NOT from the State Department and other enemies of the new Jewish State.


The American people, the American Congress and most American Presidents supported Israel as the only democracy in a sea of Arab Muslim nations run by kings and dictators. Nevertheless, the State Department generally supported the anti-Israel bias of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran (under the Shah), Iraq (until Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait) and Syria, as a spoiler to be cultivated. (State’s support of Syria is one of the blackest secrets as such Secretaries of State William Rogers, James Baker, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright, etc. made virtual pilgrimages to this Terrorist nation.)


The State Department, closely linked to the Arab/Muslim nations and oil corporations, have done everything possible to separate Israel from the Americans, denials notwithstanding. I recall the time when our Intelligence Agencies, subject to State Department doctrine, chose to cut Israel out of the information loop regarding Iraq, Syria and Iran’s efforts to build manufacturing facilities for Poison Gas, Biological substances and Nuclear capabilities.


Since successive Presidents and Congresses had signed M.O.U.s (Memorandums of Understanding) to exchange vital information with Israel, the activities of State would be considered defying the orders of Presidents, Congress and will of the nation. By the way, former Air Force General George Keegan said of Israel’s Intel information to America that: "Israel is worth 5 CIAs." Our Intel Agencies vacuumed up Israel’s considerable invaluable information but, at the same time, they worked to subvert Israel’s security. This has been most obvious since Oslo Accords in 1993 as they supported Yassir Arafat’s unceasing Terror with $210 Million of American tax-payers dollars - per year. As in any organization some people are good, some inept and some just plain bad.


Many will recall that Jonathan Pollard’s blowing the cover off a hostile black ops programs against Israel in 1984-5. This included but was not limited to U.S. Intel, knowing that Iraq, Syria and Iran were developing WMD - with Israel their prime target. The Intel people, State and at least one President made every effort to imprison this whistle blower for life, lest their names become public and the "Shadow Government" in America is exposed.

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